master your seo for accountants

Investing in SEO for accountants is a fantastic way to get the most out of your marketing dollars. When you rank at the top in searches, you'll naturally see measurable growth in traffic and leads.

SEO for accounting firms

Everyone needs an accountant. But how do they find one?

If your accounting firm is not on the first page of Google, there's a good chance that your best leads aren't finding you. That's why implementing accounting firm SEO is one of the most important things you can do for the success of your business.

SEO audits

We start every firm off with a thorough, 10-page SEO audit to let you know exactly where your website stands among competitors and the local market.

Keyword Research

Every successful SEO plan starts with in-depth keyword research. What are your clients asking about? What do they want to know? We make sure we answer every question in the strategy ahead.

SEO Copywriting

We incorporate SEO copywriting into everything we do - blog posts, landing pages, website pages - you name it. This makes sure you show up on Google in as many places as possible.

Quality link building

The most important part of SEO for accountants is the quality of links you build. Here at Markology, you never have to worry about bad links or black hat SEO tactics. We build credible, quality backlinks that improve the DA of your website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO has the ability to make or break your Google listings. If your user experience is poor or slow, Google will delist your rankings in favor of better quality websites. We make sure your technical SEO always stands with an A+ rating.

Local SEO

We incorporate SEO copywriting into everything we do - blog posts, landing pages, website pages - you name it. This makes sure you show up on Google in as many places as possible.

What Can SEO Do For
Your Accounting Firm?

TL;DR: Accounting


Within one year of working with Markology, TL;DR: Accounting reached the #1 spot on Google for lucrative keywords such as Accounting for Therapists, Private Practice Accountant, and Accounting Services in Seattle. They are currently on a client waitlist.

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SEO for accountants_TL;DR: Accounting
SEO for accountants_The Fitness CPA

The Fitness CPA


Within 1.5 years of working with Markology, The Fitness CPA reached the #1 spot on Google for a number of lucrative keywords including: Accountant for Gyms, Bookkeeping for Gyms, Gym CPA, and Fitness Center Accounting. They are currently on a client waitlist.

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Basta & Company

Grew 500% in 6 Months!

Before Basta & Company started working with Markology, they averaged 59 organic website visitors a month. Within 6 months of working with Markology, they grew 500% and began bringing in higher quality, target market leads.

Basta CPA_SEO for Accountants

how to improve your accounting firm's
google rankings in 3 steps

define your target keywords

Research to find target keywords that are relevant, non-competitive, and that bring in high search volumes. For example, if you offer bookkeeping services in Chicago, one of your keywords might be: bookkeeping services in Chicago.

implement on-page seo

Create individual pages that cater for your target keywords. Keeping with the example of bookkeeping services in Chicago, you will implement a full service page that explains everything someone would need to know about this service and implement back-end SEO techniques.

implement off-page seo

Finally, find other companies who will link back to your individual website pages. These are called "backlinks", and they are one of the largest factors when it comes to ranking online.