STOP Wasting Money on Digital Accounting Ads

We hate to break it to you. But your current Accounting Ads probably aren’t working.

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Does your digital advertising have any of these red flags?

Unfortunately, we rarely see digital advertising done well. Whether it's wasted costs, insufficient tracking, or bloated fees, there are a few red flags to indicate that your Advertising dollars should be better spent.

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Red Flag #1

You’re measuring 'likes' and 'shares', rather than leads

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Red Flag #2

You don't have a designated landing page for different wordings

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Red Flag #3

Your cost-per-click is more than $1, or your click-through-rate is less than 1%

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Red Flag #4

You’re paying for clicks without something in return

Get Your House In Order - Before You Start

One of the most important things in Advertising isn't the accounting Ad itself - but rather the website it leads to. You can have the best design and copywriting in the world, but if the advertisement doesn't lead to a best-practice landing page and targeted customer journey, chances are that your leads won't convert. At Markology, we never waste money on Advertising until your website is in conversion-worthy shape.

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Attract Quality Leads, Not Quantity

It's one thing to attract thousands of people to your website. It's another to attract your ideal lead type, and have them convert. How long is each visitor spending on the site? What actions do they take? What do they do after they leave? These are all questions the Ads manager should be asking daily in order to bring in the most cost-effective results.

Track Impressive Cost-Per-Clicks

While we don't monitor silly metrics such as Likes and Engagement, we do actively track the metrics that lead to results. At Markology, our click-through-rate is consistently above average (4%) and our cost-per-click is always below $1. If a campaign isn't running at an optimal ROI, we'll end it before any significant dollars are spent.

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Craft Winning Facebook & Google Ads - From Start To Finish

Here at Markology, we have years of experience running best practice Ads that bring in thousands of leads for companies world-world. Here is the step-by-step process you can expect:

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Design Winning Ads

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Craft a Best-Practice Landing Page

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Create a Lead Magnet to Receive Leads

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Track & Monitor Campaigns Daily

accountant paid ad leads

Convert Hundreds of Quality Leads for Less

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The Fitness CPA’s Campaign Gained $1M+ in Revenue in Just 3 Months

In 2021, Markology and The Fitness CPA worked together to create a killer marketing campaign for the Employee Retention Credit that led to over $1M in sales. From an interactive quiz, to a best-practice landing page, and cleverly-designed advertisements, the campaign was executed swiftly and thoroughly to contribute to The Fitness CPA's million-dollar results.