What do visitors do after leaving your website?

Turn website visitors into clicks and accounting client leads with automated nurture campaigns.

accounting client lead funnel

On average, it takes 7 marketing touches before leads convert.

The world of digital marketing & sales look vastly different from just a few years ago. With the barrage of social media, digital Ads, email marketing, and other communication channels online, the average consumer needs 7 marketing touches before they finally take the plunge to commit.

accounting lead funnel

Create automated lead funnels to target new leads

At Markology, we nurture each lead through targeted automation campaigns in order to keep your company top of mind long after they've left your website.

email marketing for accountants

Provide valuable resources to earn trust

We help you create valuable guides, videos, and resources to prove your expertise and provide enticing value to prospective clients.

accountant marketing lead funnel

Tag leads based on their point in funnel

Organize your marketing list by cold leads, hot leads, prospects, and clients in order to deliver the best content at the appropriate times.

email marketing for tax professionals

Reach out when the timing is right

Rather than tie up your sales team unnecessarily and spam unlikely leads - we wait until prospects have shown the *perfect* amount of interest before reaching out for the sale.