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worth the investment for your firm?

We provide a completely free audit to show you your potential traffic and lead volume after implementing SEO & content marketing.


Short introductory call to collect the data to do our audit


Detailed audit with clear traffic forecasts


True marketing potential of your accounting firm

why book an audit?

Our free audit Answers 3 Key Questions...

free marketing audit for accountants

how much traffic should you be getting each month?

A clear look into how much traffic, leads and new clients your accounting firm should be getting from search engines on a monthly basis.


How much traffic are your competitors getting?

A look at your competitor's keyword performance to understand how many new clients they're stealing from you each month.


what could your # of leads look like in future?

Using data from our sophisticated search tools, we can help you understand what your firm's market potential truly is.

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how quickly will you get back the audit?

We don't rely on automated tools for our audits; we tailor each one specifically for you. Because of this personalized approach, please allow 3-5 business days to receive your audit.

what else will you tell me in the audit?

We audit your website traffic, competitor traffic, and existing SEO work, as well as give our suggestions to improve your website conversion and content strategy. Most audits are around 9-10 pages long!

what happens after the audit?

We'll schedule another call to go over the results and propose a marketing plan to help your accounting firm generate more leads. If you're not satisfied with the strategy, you're free to keep the audit and use it as you see fit!

I'm in a hurry. Can i book a call without the audit?

Absolutely! Head over to our contact page and book a call over there!