this firm exited after just 3 years with markology!

marketing for accounting firm growth and exit

case study:

a growth strategy built for exit

Toni Cameron, CPA, partnered with Markology with the aim of increasing leads for her accounting firm and transforming it into a nationally recognized brand, with the potential for a future sale. Beginning work with the TL;DR: Accounting team in 2020, our primary focus was on fine-tuning the branding and messaging to better resonate with therapy practice owners. Together over the next three years, we focused on generating more high-quality leads by utilizing various platforms like YouTube and other social media, improving online visibility through SEO, offering on-demand webinars, and more.

As a result, we witnessed a remarkable increase in traffic by over 1200%, established a waitlist that grew to over 150 clients, and built national brand recognition that was appealing (and $$$) for potential buyers. Here's a quick overview of what we did:

redesigned the website to attract target leads

When TL;DR: Accounting came to us, their website was a bare bones, typical accounting firm website without any real flair or purpose. We redesigned the website with best practice marketing principles and extremely targeted messaging to speak directly to the kind of clients the firm wanted to attract.

generate bookkeeping leads
top of page accountant seo rankings

ranked at the top of google

Toni knew that the biggest investment she could make for her firm was SEO, i.e. showing up at the top of Google. This meant that her ideal leads would find her firm before finding the rest of the competition. Getting thousands of *free* clicks to the website due to a thorough SEO strategy became a key selling point when it came time to close on the company.

After dedicated & targeted SEO work, the firm started ranking at the top of Google for lucrative keywords such as "accountant for therapists" and "Seattle business accountants", where it still ranks to this day.

churned out content once a week

This is a big step that many accounting firms miss. In order to cut through the crowd, you need content, and lots of it. That's where we come in.

Together with TL;DR: Accounting, we created at least one blog post and one video each week, and posted regularly on social media channels 4-5x per week. This is in addition to the work Toni and her team did on the side to network in community & social media groups!

generate more leads for accountants
lead nurturing for accountants

nurtured leads through webinars, youtube, and courses

We developed a collection of lead magnets including calculators, on-demand webinars, downloadable guides, and videos to entice prospective clients and leads. After which, we built automated funnels using a tool like Convertkit to grade leads by priority, and nurture them through targeted email journeys until they were ready for a consultation. After that, Toni and her team took care of the rest!

tl;dr: accounting used our national package to get more leads

It takes a multi-pronged marketing approach to create a strong brand presence and attract hundreds of leads. We built TL;DR: Accounting into a national brand by combining the following services:

website development for accountant and bookkeeper

create a conversion-friendly website

seo for accountant and bookkeeper

show up on google

content for accountant and bookkeeper

churn out weekly blogs, videos, and social media

lead magnet for accountant and bookkeeper

attract clients through webinars, youtube, & gigs

lead nurture for accountant and bookkeeper

nurture hundreds of leads into sales

"we have so many leads it's crazy!"

Hear from the owner of TL;DR: Accounting, Toni Cameron, CPA herself and what she has to say about working with the Markology team!