Content marketing for Accountants That Works

The best thing you can do for your accounting firm is create valuable resources that people want to read.

Content marketing for accountants

We'll let you in on a marketing secret.

Content marketing is how big companies grow so quickly online. They have big teams of content writers whose only jobs are to churn out content quickly. The good news is... so do we.

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Create your accounting firm story

What does your accounting firm stand for? What makes it different? We help nail down your unique brand messaging, and use it to tell an engaging story online.

Churn out valuable resources

Clients don't hire the best accounting firm in the their area. They hire the most helpful one. Our job is to craft helpful, valuable resources that will attract and convert your most ideal leads.

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content marketing for tax professionals

Write with a plan

Writing blogs without a purpose is pointless. Through a 365-day, SEO-driven content marketing strategy, we provide the answers that your ideal clients are searching for.

Everything you need to know about content for accountants

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of creating & sharing valuable, useful resources (blogs, videos, tools & calculators) with the purpose of attracting more leads to your business. HubSpot is the leader in this space.

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Why is content marketing for accountants so important?

Content marketing is important for every business. Accounting firms can use content to share their knowledge, educate about services, build trust & relationships with prospects, and create a sense of community around their brand.

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How will we use the content?

Depending on the level of service you sign up for, we will use content in the form of blogs, YouTube videos, reels, Facebook Ads, and more. The same content can be repurposed in many ways! 

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Who makes the content?

Our team does! The level of input you have when it comes to creating the content is completely up to you. The more input that you—the subject matter expert—has, the better.

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What kind of accounting firm content will we create?

That's for us to decide together! We'll start by coming up with a list of topics that are currently trending, thanks to our handy SEO tools. After that, we'll work together to understand what your clients have been asking for, what clients may find helpful, and go from there! We love to create guides, quizzes, calculators, and other interactive pieces that can truly help your audience.

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How do you track the success of the content?

We track the success of content in terms of how much traffic it drives to your website. You may be surprised to find out that the #1 driver of traffic to websites is content, not the website itself. That's why creating valuable, relevant content is so important for every small business.

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"the team possess a dynamic skillset, exceeding the typical SEO content creation and web design. they helped us be featured on guest blogs, podcasts, and created content calendars so that all of our content was in sync."

John Wazydrag, CPA, Owner of Equivion

How to get started with Markology

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Book your introductory call

The best place to start is by jumping on a completely free call to see if we're a good fit for working together.

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Get your free marketing audit

We start every sales process off with a deep, 8-page analysis of your existing marketing tactics and future marketing suggestions. You'll get this before we even work together! 

start generating quality accounting leads

kick off to start generating leads!

Once you sign the proposal, we'll schedule a kick-off meeting to get started. We'll meet weekly or bi-weekly to go over what we're working on so that every stays on the same track!