10 Website Design Tips For Accountants

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Jaclyn B.

The 10 website design tips for accountants

We can’t begin to tell you how many times we have gotten emails along the lines of…

“Oh, I don’t need a website. If a client wants something, they can call and ask.”

“Sure, I’d like more leads, but I don’t think a website would help.”

“Hey Markology team, you’re awesome!” 

And aside from the last one (*wink*), they couldn't be more wrong.

Your website is absolutely the place to attract and convert more leads! 

What else are they going to do... show up at your door?!

In this blog, we're going to cover the 10 things you should be doing with your accounting firm website in order to convert more leads.

Let's dive in! 

Tip #1: Don't Worry Too Much About Design

Don't worry about design.

It's a bit of an odd tip for a blog about design. But bear with us! 

The overall design of a website plays a pretty small role in its success.

At the end of the day, the main point of an accounting website is to convert leads. And as long as it does that, you've done the best job you can do in its design.

Work with a marketer before a web designer to make sure your website utilizes digital marketing best practices that will attract and convert leads.

Worry about conversion first and foremost. Design should come last.

Website Design for Accounting Firms
The Winery CPA does a great job of keeping white space while filling each page with the info you need.

Tip #2: Choose a Simplistic Design With Lots of White Space

Ok now that we've gotten the most important tip out of the way, we have a truly-designed focused tip for you.

Stop cluttering your websites! 

We've all been to that website where we had no idea where to look, or what to read first.

And if you're anything like us, the only thing you wanted to do was find the exit button quickly! 

There is no need to take up every square inch of every page with super fancy design elements.

Keep the whitespace.

Less is more. 

Tip #3: Make It Functional

Imagine your grandfather visits your website and needs to find out more information.

That's how functional it should be! 

When time is of the essence, website visitors won’t have the time or energy to play around on a website that isn’t functional.

Use familiar layouts, implement clear action items, and make your website as user-friendly as possible.

Tip #4: Include a Form or Call to Action on Every Page

Unfortunately, mind-reading is not a thing yet. So don't assume your visitors will know exactly what to do or where to click!

Place a contact form and/or call to action on every page so clients won’t need to guess. 

We recommend changing it up - contact form, Calendar booking, telephone call - to keep things interesting throughout the site and give the user more options.

Website Design for Accountants
U-Nique Accounting does a great job of incorporating lead magnets on every page!

Tip #5: Incorporate Lead Magnets

Most website visitors are simply browsing the Internet when they stumble upon your website.

After a few minutes, they'll click the X at the top of the page and go onto the next.

That's why lead magnets are so important! 

Give valuable content such as how-to guides, quizzes and calculators in exchange for an email address or phone on every page of your website.

This way, you'll be able to nurture your new lead long after they visit the website.

Here’s a landing page we recently made for The Fitness CPA that does a great job of incorporating lead magnets. Go ahead and test out the Qualifying Quiz - it's fun! 

Tip #6: Answer Client Questions

Websites and first dates have a lot in common. You never want to make it all about you! 

Instead, make sure your website caters directly to your ideal clients and answers any questions that they might have.

What questions do clients ask you?

What problems are they turning to you to solve?

We recommend implementing a mini FAQ section on every page of your website in addition to a full-standing FAQ page as well (it's great for SEO!).

Never leave prospective clients wondering how you help them, or what value you bring over others.

Tip #7: Don't Reinvent The Wheel

Why fix something that isn’t broken?

Users are used to a common familiarity when it comes to navigating a website.

Here are a few examples:

  • That hamburger menu in the corner on mobile.
  • A large "Get In Touch" Button in the navigation bar.
  • Useful links in the footer of each page.

Getting too creative with the menu, links, and layout can only be confusing.

Don't be afraid to keep things standard and familiar.

Tip #8: Map Out The Customer Journey

Before you begin your CPA website design, it's important to map out the journey that you want ideal clients to take.

Here's an example:

Homepage > How We Work > Virtual CFO Service > Payroll Page > Book Meeting

Put yourself in your clients' shoes and really think about how they browse. 

Design your website in a way that encourages visitors to travel down the paths you have created for them.

Website Design Tips for Accounting Firms
Basta & Company does a great job of creating unique & purposeful customer journeys throughout the website.

Tip #9: Add Social Proof

The truth of the matter is - clients want proof that you're really as good as you say you are.

Build your credibility by adding testimonials and reviews around every section of your website.

It goes a long way in getting clients to convert before X'ing out.

Also, let’s be honest. They're a pretty fun thing to re-read yourself, especially at the end of a long, exhausting day.

Tip #10: Improve Website Speed

What’s that expression again? Slow and steady wins the race…

Well, it doesn't work for websites.

When it comes to website speed, every second adds up. Use Google Page Insights to make sure your website speed is satisfactory for Google. Otherwise, you could really be hurting your rankings.

Not to mention that slow websites are extremely frustrating to visit.

Again, the best design is the one that's functional and converts!

Need Help With Your Website Design for Accountants? 

What’s so awesome about websites is that they aren't permanent. If you’re no longer loving a certain element, page, or overall design, you can change it whenever you like.

At the end of the day, as long as your site delivers and converts, we give you an A+!.

Did you know we provide accountants with a completely free Website Audit to give you personalized recommendations for your website?

Simply Book Your 15-Minute Call to get started.

Until next time.

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